From Kratos to Masterchief: A Spartan lineage


By Larry Ragland


I have a new videogame theory. I propose that the fan boy wars be ended between the PS3 and 360 on the basis that Kratos and the MC share a common bond. They are both Spartans.

For starters there are physical similarities. Spartans in Kratos’s day were selected initially for their physical prowess…as a baby. Some how or another they concocted a way to tell who would be a warrior worthy of their time and efforts. Similarly Spartan II’s were chosen for their physical abilities based on genetic markers.


Around the age of six is when young Spartans of ancient times began their training. That is also the age when Dr. Halsey and then Lieutenant Keys set out to acquire said children. They also share the same skin tone. Kratos is an ashy white because he literally wears his greatest sin. The MC is pasty white because he’s in a suit all the time. But on a deeper level I think it signifies being alone. Eternally separated from the tree of humanity born via a forge of war. So we have two pasty white killing machines that have social issues, is there anything else? But of course.


In God of War III Kratos (don’t worry no spoilers) gets the help of a female child. This is not unlike Cortana albeit that the connections to our two protagonists is not the same at all. So the question is who is the better Spartan? I will leave that for you to decide although I do have my beliefs. I guess in trying to close one door I have opened another but at least this way we can have some common ground. A ground that Spartans trod.