Dead Space 3 Review


By Damon Le Sueur


Isaac Clarke is back in action and kicking some Necromorph butt in Electronic Arts latest game Dead Space 3. Not only is this third-person survival horror based genre jam packed with all the great features from the first two Dead Space games such as the RIG, Stasis, and Telekinesis, but have also added another useful feature of creating your own weapons from scratch with parts you find whilst playing through the campaign!



Dead Space 3 kicks off with a quick run-down on the past events from Dead Space 1 & 2 to refresh what has happened so far and is then followed by a quick prologue level which is set 200 years in the past. After the prologue you find yourself in Isaac Clarke's apartment where Isaac is at gun point by two of EarthGov's soldiers Robert Norton and John Carver, as they have lost contact and are in need of help in tracking Isaac Clarke's ex-girlfriend Ellie Langford.  Ellie is also under threat by a cult who worship the Marker called Unitoligist's who want Isaac dead as to them he is a 'heretic' or as the 'Marker Killer' which will stand in their way for Convergence.  Isaac Clarke agrees to co-operate seeing as it’s either do or die as he makes his way onto the streets and quickly finds himself getting attacked from a group of the Unitoligist's.


For me Dead Space 3 game play has changed a lot since Dead Space 2 which is an improvement. It’s simple things like the ability to dodge enemies by rolling, or only needing 1 type of ammo for all weapons instead of having specific ammo. There is also weapon creating which worked out really well as it allows you to for example combine your 2 favorite weapons together to product a super weapon so to speak.  Also, there are interactive parts of the game such as mountain climbing and many more other improvements, which you’ll no doubt also appreciate.


Dead Space 3 campaign has kept its reputation as not only a horror game by Necromorph's popping out from everywhere to scare the pants off of you but also kept its reputation of being a long game which consists of 19 Chapters that takes at least 20-25 hours to finish the campaign, all optional Missions and finding every collectible.


After finishing Dead Space 3 there is a wealth of reasons for multiple playthroughs and certainly none of them make this game repetitive and boring. Dead Space 3’s biggest game changer is the fact that there is now drop-in and out co-op campaign.  That’s right you and a friend can now both enjoy kicking Necromorph butt together and will also unlock 3 special optional missions that can only be done in Co-Op! Dead Space 3 also has different modes such as Classic Mode - which is Classic Dead Space of only being able to make guns from blue prints you find and starting off with the Plasma Cutter, Pure Survivalist Mode - where ammo and health are real hard to find and you must scavenge and build with scrap metal to help you stock up with parts.  Also making a return appearance from every other Dead Space game we have the ball breaking Hardcore Mode - You have unlimited saves, but here is the catch when you die you find that it restarts the whole game back to the prologue, no matter how close you are to the end. Ouch.

Audio and Visuals

Dead Space 3 has improved more than the other Dead Space games when it comes to audio and visuals, in no way was it even close to a letdown at all. Dead Space 3 has improved visually in terms of the characters and environments, and the sound is just as intense as ever.  Sound and visuals are really the back and bone to this genre of game, from the quiet and slow scary music to the quick loud intense music, the sounds in Dead Space 3 plays a part in making you paranoid and scared especially when there is an enemy nearby. This to me is what draws you more into the game and gives a better outcome of the game play and just like the rest of the Dead Space game's I was not left disappointed at all!


Overall Opinion

Dead Space 3 is not only a great game, but I found it to be a fun experience, despite getting scared every once in a while.  I am very impressed with Dead Space 3 with its big risk taking changes of weapon creating and Co-op but of course they pulled it off with not only a fantastic job but with a fantastic game! Previous Dead Space fans and new players will surely not be disappointed in this purchase of Dead Space 3.  There is plenty of value and re-playability here with the new modes and with Co-op.    I highly recommend that you pick up Dead Space 3 for all the Horror/Action genre based gamers out there.  And if your note a Horror/Action genre fan, I implore you to give a go anyway, it may just scare the pants off you!