Jun 30, 2013

Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 121 - R18 rating Fails Aussie Gamers


This week on the Daily Joystick Podcast we discuss all the big news items including how Saints Row 4 and State of Decay are refused classification in Australia despite having an R18+ rating.  We discuss all the news, game reviews, take your reader mail and more on the show so tune in.

The DJ Team


Jun 29, 2013

Retro Joystick Podcast Episode 3 - Platformer Games


This week the Retro Joystick team is back for their next awesomely groovy podcast featuring our theme this week which is dedicated to the "Platformer" genre of video games.  We discuss the best, the worst our our own personal favourite platforming games  on the show. Also on the show, we look at some new virtual console releases, take your reader mail and more, so tune in.

The Retro Joystick Team


Jun 27, 2013

The Last of Us Review

By Paul Barbara


The Last of Us is the latest in the survival horror genre and with Naughty Dog at the helm you can be sure this is going to be a ride you’ll never forget.  The Last of Us sets the tone with a happy and united world that suddenly changes and people you know and love become sick and start eating each other.  Then suddenly, your neighbours turn on you.  Dazed and confused you run as fast as you can with nothing packed and with nothing to defend yourself as you watch the world unravel in chaos.  This is The Last of Us.


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Jun 23, 2013

Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 120 (AAG Ep 14)


This week folks, the All Age Gaming team are back with their latest podcast covering some interesting news stories such as Microsoft sets the price of its next generation of video gaming, Sony PS3's get bricked by latest update and much more.  On the show, we have  a massive Round table discussion that focuses on Microsoft's change of policy and heart concerning the Xbox One and the team are quick to give their opinions on the matter.  Also, AAG welcomes Martin Goudie to the team in his inaugural podcast.  Tune in!

The AAG Team


Jun 23, 2013

Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 119 - Microsoft tackles Sony head on and Wins!


This week on the Daily Joystick Podcast we talk all about Microsoft's recent changes to their policies surrounding online check in, DRM, used games and more.  You don't want to miss this weeks episode, its a cracker!


Jun 20, 2013

Retro Joystick Prize Giveaway!


Retro Joystick Prize Giveaway

That’s right folks, Retro Joystick is having a prize giveaway thanks to the staff here at Retro Joystick who have each kindly donated a prize each.

There are five prizes to give away over a five week period.  That’s one prize per week.

The prizes are:

Week 1 Prize: Donkey Kong Junior Mini classics game. (WON BY BEN QUALBERT SCHUSTER)

Week 2 Prize: Faxanadu Cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) (WON BY ASHLEY BUSCOMBE)

Week 3 Prize: Street Fighter Kid Robot Ken and Ryu Figures

Week 4 Prize: The Lost Vikings Cartridge for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Week 5 Prize: $30 Oz Gameshop Voucher

How To Enter

Each week, we will post a question on the Retro Joystick Wall and all you have to do is simply answer t he question and submit your answers via email to boostking@bigpond.com to be in the draw to win.

Easy as that!

Terms and Conditions

Full competition details are available at www.dailyjoystick.podbean.com

You must also be a fan of the Retro Joystick Page in order to be eligible to enter the competition.

You must also share the competition post to your friends, to help spread the word.

Competition is open to residents in Australia only.

Winners will be announced on a weekly basis.

Winners must come forth and claim their prizes, failure to do so will result in prizes being allocated to the next best answer.

Entries or responses posted on the wall or via PM will be deleted and not eligible.  Please submit all entries via Email provided.

Retro Joystick has the right to make any changes to the competition or revoke any prizes if we feel that the user has abused the system.

Thankyou and good luck.

The Retro Joystick Team

Jun 20, 2013

Xbox One Satisfies the current gen gamer, or does it?

By Paul Barbara


Sad, that’s how I am feeling today.  No I didn’t have a fight with the wife, today’s sadness comes from the Video Gaming Industry.  Allow me to explain.  I’ve been an avid gamer for over 30 years and my passion now is podcasting and presenting the gaming news via Daily Joystick Podcasts and our other affiliated sites.  However there have been a series of gaming events of late that have really put a damper on the industry I love.

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Jun 18, 2013

Grid 2 Review


Start your engines folk’s because Grid 2 is back and ready to smoke tyres and tear up the track thanks to Codemasters.  Following in the footsteps of its predecessor Race Driver: Grid, the sequel aims to improve on the original in many ways.  Grid 2 takes a handful of the worlds most recognised cars and puts them on the track for some ultimate racing.  So, the question that’s on the tip of everyone’s turbo charger is whether Grid 2 exceeds its predecessor or not?  Read on and find out.

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Jun 16, 2013

Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 118 - Looking back at E3


This week on the Daily Joystick Podcast we look back and reflect on E3 2013.  A lot was said and done, and the fans have gone wild, but after the dust has settled, is it really doom and gloom for Microsoft?  Join us as we discuss our thoughts on E3, discuss the website news, reviews, upcoming games, reader mail and more.  Tune in, its good for your health.

The DJ Team


Jun 15, 2013

State Of Decay Review

By Larry Ragland


Armed with a branch of wood and a clear conscience, State of Decay puts you in the shoes of an assortment of characters, all with various backgrounds and abilities, that share the common goal of survival. Whether it’s searching abandoned homes for much needed supplies or hoping that the car will start before the horde reaches you, all the tension that you’d expect from a zombie apocalypse is here.

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