E3 Game Expectations



Gamers, as we all know E3 is just days away and aside from all the new hardware talk the focus is also turned to the software front, ie games.  Games sell systems folks and I can promise you a poor line up of games could indeed spell disaster for any of the big 3, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Today, the team here at Daily Joystick have put pen to paper and have come up with a list of the games were excited for at this years E3.  Some may be announced, others may not be but either way, were going to share our hopes for E3 2013.

Lets get into it right now.


Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty Land

As a huge and longtime fan of Rare games such as the Banjo-Kazooie series and Conkers Bad Fur Day, I am super excited that E3 may bring some more Rare goodness.  It was revealed that the Rare team were reassembling for another remake of one of their franchises.  For me, another Banjo-Kazooie game will fill that void very nicely.  Banjo-Kazooie was an awesome platforming adventure game, with great graphics and awesome gameplay.  Rare were a studio that made games to the highest standard and gamers should certainly hope that their latest outing makes it to your console of choice. - Paul


The Legend of Zelda

As a lifelong Nintendo fan, the Legend of Zelda has been a series that has been close to my heart.  Over the last 25 years the Legend of Zelda has appeared on every Nintendo system ever made and has always been a stand out game.  However, old school gamers are getting tired of the same Nintendo formula when it comes to Zelda and have yearned for a fresh Zelda experience.  Nintendo has gone on record to say that their next Zelda title will be built from the ground up and will be completely revamped with new ideas.  So don’t expect yet another fire, ice and water temple, oh no, it’s going to be different.  I applaud Nintendo for taking a different approach and I cannot wait till E3 to see more about the next Legend of Zelda as its definitely one of the best series on the the Nintendo system for me ever. - Paul


Alan Wake 2

The original Alan Wake in my opinion was a sleeper hit.  Remedy had certainly produced a masterpiece that had me on the edge of my seat during the whole experience.  Fans have longed for a sequel to the original game and almost thought they were getting one when the Remedy logo appeared on screen at the Pre E3 Reveal by Microsoft.  No it wasn’t Alan Wake 2, but it was Quantum Break.  Either way, lets hope Alan Wake 2 gets itself a sorely overdue sequel on some next gen hardware, as personally I don’t think there has been as good of a survival horror game on the Xbox 360 as Alan Wake was. - Paul


Deadrising 3

We are in need of another great zombie game, being a fan of zombie games and playing Deadrising 2, I really think if Deadrising 3 was announced and released it would have some real potential. I just hope CAPCOM has listened to their fan's and dropped the whole time limit based missions which gave you less time for exploring and side missions! - Damon


Killer Instinct

I really hope Killer Instinct is this secret project we keep hearing about from Rare, not only did I grow up with this classic fighting game, but to play this game with today's visuals would just be amazing so I'm pretty sure all you Killer Instinct fans are with me when I say announce this D-D-D-D DEAL BREAKER! - Damon


Half-Life 3

It has been around 6 years since we have seen a Half-Life title and I really hope at this year's E3 Valve steps up by announcing this awesome title! I just love this series for it's amazing storyline and hope that all these rumors of a 3rd game come true at E3 2013! Give us Half-Life 3 God Damnit! - Damon


Forza 5

While I think that cars are cool, I’m not really into them. That is unless you’re talking about the Forza series. Ever since Paul recommended the game too me, I’ve been hooked. I also find car games to be a good show piece for hardware. The Forza series has the depth for hardcore gear heads and novices like myself. So much so that anyone can enjoy playing it. - Larry


Phantom Dust 2

I want this announced so bad I can’t stand it. I would really appreciate this being announced, and I know that there are many of you out there that agree with me. Microsoft is sitting on a bunch of licenses that are long over due for a sequel. This is one of them. Another would be Mech Assault, what happened to that series? - Larry

8 new intellectual properties

More than anything else out of E3, I want to know about the eight new intellectual properties that Microsoft has. We know that they have a total of 15 exclusives within the first year, eight of which are new. I just hope they’re not just shooters. I want to see Microsoft take some risks and bring us something worth remembering. Not to say that they don’t have good franchises, they do. I just want to be blown away by something fresh, innovative and can stand the test of time. - Larry


Witcher 3 The hunt

A lot of about this game is either predictable or already known but that in itself is enough to ignite the senses. So many trilogies have already wrapped this generation that the final chapter in the Witcher saga is all the more wanted. At E3 I just want to see how far they have pushed the graphics, the world and which new characters will appear. Loss, Love and Lust the way only the Witcher knows how! - Ian


Dragon Age 3 Inquisition

Another trilogy pushed to next generation (this was my pick last year). I want to see SOMETHING of this game, that isn’t a book, or an iphone game or a facebook game Bioware. I want confirmation of what changes have been made to the gameplay and at E3 they should show off the main character and explain just how big this game is going to be compared to the contrived sandboxes of Dragon Age 2. - Ian

To hear that another Dragon Age has been made has me so excited. The first two were great and now there is a third in their series, they just keep getting better and better. Personally I hope there are more Dragons as it was very limited in the previous ones.  - Charlotte



E3 2013, let’s just leave this blank. Rockstar are not going to be at the show so GTA V is out. Watchdogs is good, but we already know a lot, Assassins Creed IV is predictable but tasty and Thief, Thief looks good but is also an expected and a known thing being 4th in the series. I mean what I would LOVE is a real proper, new HD next gen Deus Ex game, not this spin off recycled port to iPad with a new character that no one wants based on a non-canonical book… Can I ask for the obligatory Half-Life 3 game from the Gabe Newell camp, maybe 2013 will be the year it is announced. - Ian


Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is only of the only games on PC that I spend hours on end playing and to hear that It is coming to console has just made me fall in love even more. The previous versions of Diablo had always eventually been released onto console so it was only a matter of time. I want to hear more about it and how it will run as it is a very large game. When it is released I’ll be surprised if I ever see the light of day again. - Charlotte


Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends was meant to be released onto the Wii U a few months ago and they brought out a demo which had me hooked. Later they announced that the release had been pushed back so it could be released on the other consoles. I am curious to see how they pull this off when the demo used the Wii U game pad a lot, and it will be a shame to sacrifice that extra game play and the first release to just bring it out on the other consoles if it’s not going to be the same. - Charlotte

Well folks, that rounds up our E3 Game expectations for E3 2013.  Let us know what games you are excited for by leaving a comment below or on Facebook.

The DJ Team