Jul 3, 2013

Daily Joystick launches its new website!


Gamers, followers and friends of Daily Joystick.  Its our pleasure to announce that we have a brand new website that will showcase all of our podcasts, reviews, editorials and more.

Our new website is located at


Please be sure to add it to your favourites.  All of our podcasts will still continue to be published and hosted here, however we will no longer be uploading other content moving forward such as reviews and editorials etc.

Thankyou everyone, and thats for supporting DJ and enabling us to grow.

The DJ Team

Jun 27, 2013

The Last of Us Review

By Paul Barbara


The Last of Us is the latest in the survival horror genre and with Naughty Dog at the helm you can be sure this is going to be a ride you’ll never forget.  The Last of Us sets the tone with a happy and united world that suddenly changes and people you know and love become sick and start eating each other.  Then suddenly, your neighbours turn on you.  Dazed and confused you run as fast as you can with nothing packed and with nothing to defend yourself as you watch the world unravel in chaos.  This is The Last of Us.


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Jun 18, 2013

Grid 2 Review


Start your engines folk’s because Grid 2 is back and ready to smoke tyres and tear up the track thanks to Codemasters.  Following in the footsteps of its predecessor Race Driver: Grid, the sequel aims to improve on the original in many ways.  Grid 2 takes a handful of the worlds most recognised cars and puts them on the track for some ultimate racing.  So, the question that’s on the tip of everyone’s turbo charger is whether Grid 2 exceeds its predecessor or not?  Read on and find out.

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Jun 15, 2013

State Of Decay Review

By Larry Ragland


Armed with a branch of wood and a clear conscience, State of Decay puts you in the shoes of an assortment of characters, all with various backgrounds and abilities, that share the common goal of survival. Whether it’s searching abandoned homes for much needed supplies or hoping that the car will start before the horde reaches you, all the tension that you’d expect from a zombie apocalypse is here.

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Jun 8, 2013

Remember Me Review

By Ian Crane


'Neo' Paris – 2084. After a couple of civil wars the world has progressed from Twitter and Facebook and is now directly connected via its memories; jacking splicing and remixing them, dividing culture, creating monopoly and the subtlest way to kill someone. Rising out of the ashes is hero Nilin the star of Dontnods first title published by Capcom. Long after the lights of Neo Paris have faded though, will you still remember me?

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Jun 1, 2013

Resident Evil Revelations Review

By Ian Crane


From the 3DS to the big screen, the seminal adventure horror title from Capcom has seen it all. In 2012 the Resident Evil series seemingly took a few missteps with a spin off title and a less than stellar performance from the canonical '6th' game in the series. At the same time an original title was being released “exclusively” on the 3DS that some wished should have come to all platforms to start with. The question remains with nearly a dozen different titles is this anniversary edition port a revelation for the series?

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May 22, 2013

Metro Last Light Review

By Paul Barbara


Metro Last Light is the latest sequel to the original Metro 2033 released by 4A Games and is based on the universe created by author Dmitry Glukhovsky.  Set in a post-apocalyptic world some decades after a nuclear attack on Russia, you are packed into the subway tunnels with many other survivors where you have lived almost your entire life, underground and safe from the radiation on the surface.  You are a ranger named Artyom and are about to embark on yet another adventure.

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May 19, 2013

Mars War Logs Review (PC)

By Ian Crane


French developers Spider Studios, have only created a handful of games the last of which was the underwhelming “Of Orcs and Men” in 2012. However while these indi developers continue to refine their ideas and create unique experience Mars War Logs is perhaps the single best game of their portfolio to date. Spiders openly stated that War Logs was “The game they always wanted to make from the start” and it shows, as it combines all the elements and ideas they have previously tried wrapped up in adult dialogue and a wicked sense of humour.

Before the game releases on console in the next two weeks, Daily Joystick brings you the full PC review to get you ready, to escape Mars again.

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May 5, 2013

Dead Island Riptide Review

By Paul Barbara


Zombies, a tropical Island, mediocre cast, loads of loot and crazy Aussie accents to boot!  No, I’m not referring to Dead Island here which manages to tick all of the above boxes; I am referring to its sequel Dead Island Riptide, which also manages to tick the exact same boxes.

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May 5, 2013

Star Trek Review

By Ian Crane


Before 2009, JJ Abrams had the insurmountable task of rebooting a series, that some thought- untouchable. The brain child of the late, great Gene Roddenberry Star Trek as a series and franchise had over 40 years, 10 movies and 5 series already under its belt- but it was a gamble that for the most part paid off.

Star Trek video games though have fared less well over the years with a mixed bag of everything: from flight sims to RTS and most notably two first person shooters called Elite Force. The most recent entry from Namco Bandai is a far from perfect game but harkens back to the classic action games from 15 years ago, with a very mixed bag of all of the above; platforming, flying sim and 3rd person always online co-op shooting in the one single game.

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