2013’s Most Anticipated Games



2012 has certainly been a strong year for gaming.  We have seen some fantastic titles released across many platforms and shortly, you’ll see our picks for the Game of the Year awards coming soon to Daily Joystick Podcasts.  However, today we’re looking towards the future, well just one year into the future to see what 2013 will bring us in terms of gaming.  There are many unknowns for 2013, especially with expectations from gamers that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 will hit shelves, however we still need games to run on our current or next generation consoles.  So without further waiting, here are some of the staff picks for most anticipated games for 2013 (so far and in no particular order).

Ian Crane’s 2013 picks:


Metal Gear - Rising: Revengance

Three games is not simply enough to give scope to all the other games I am looking forward to in 2013. Metal Gear has just pipped out Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite for a few reasons. Both games are third in their respective series; whilst this MG spin off cuts a heady swath through the hack and slack genre, bringing something new to the table in the form of fully destructible environments, fully destructible (and cuttable) human and AI characters and fruit ninjas! Complete with katana blades (bows and arrows were so last year)...


Tomb Raider

Speaking of Bows and arrows, as a staple Xbox player Tombraider is the second game in my list to bring something which had only been seen on the Playstation; Uncharted- with boobs! I have personally grown up with Tombraider, invested in the law and history and so am cautiously looking forward to how this new game reboots the franchise again for a 2013 audience. Hopefully the puzzles and platforming stay intact.


Dragon Age III

As they look to invest in a 'new engine' for their games (the Frostbite engine) it's third time lucky for Bioware and the Dragon Age franchise. Hopefully released in Q4 2013 before December. If the rumours of a more open dynamic world ala Skyrim, in line with the original vision of Baulders Gate are true then you are looking at one happy fan boy. One more Dragon Age game before the next generation of consoles is not too much to ask is it?

Charlotte’s 2013 picks:



What I have been waiting for so long is the remake of the original Abe. Finally to be released in 2013 with everything you loved from the original now made with better graphics and sounds. The platform in which it will be released on has however not been named.


Rayman Legends

Just after playing the demo and being a major Rayman fan all the way back to its first release, I am hyped for Rayman Legends to be released. Rayman Legends brings back all my childhood memories or such an amazing limbless guy and the demo leaving me with stitches from laughing so hard.


Tomb Raider

After watching many trailers and seeing exclusive gameplay at the EB games expo Tomb Raider looks amazing and full of so much action. Even just the trailers have me wanting more. Let’s just say Tomb Raider looks amazing and is certainly on my list of must buys for 2013.


South Park: Stick Of Truth

Taking on the ginger bots with your favourite South Park character is going to be entertaining with this release. Keeping all its dirty talk and rude gestures exclusive gameplay I watched the creator play in person had me in hysterics.

Paul’s 2013 Picks



LEGO titles have always been a load of fun to play over the  years, starting with Star Wars and touching almost every franchise known to man, including Batman, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and more, the LEGO games represent good old fashioned fun, and extreme collecting.  LEGO City is the next evolutionary step in the LEGO universe and it shows.  From the trailers at E3, to the Wii U direct presentations, LEGO CITY is Grand Theft Auto mixed with LEGO.  Its open world, its huge and its full of exploration and imagination.  One certainly for the fans, and only on Wii U.


Bioshock Infinite

The original Bioshock was a true masterpiece, from the world it created along with the plot twists to boot, Bioshock was pure genius.  The sequel was not so lucky and recreating that feeling was just impossible to do given the story arc and the games setting.  Fast forward to Bio Shock Infinite and get ready for a new world, new setting and a new story, and all developed by the original team that brought us Bioshock.  I cannot wait to take to the skies and explore the new city in the clouds and find out what happened in that universe all over again.  Bioshock Infinite will be one of the best titles for 2013, and I’m pumped.


Gears of War: Judgment

There’s no denying that the Gears of War franchise fills me will delight 24/7. I’ve always dreamed of playing Gears of War back before the shizzle hit the fan so to speak.  Well now we’ll have that chance to play shortly after emergence day.  You’ll be able to meet new characters, see your favourite characters earlier in the piece, and finally get some more intel into exactly what went down and why.  EPIC Games have always delivered solid titles pushing the boundaries and limits of the Xbox 360 every time.  I hope Gears Judgement delivers on those accolades of the past once more, it will surely be a mighty send off for the Xbox 360.

Damon’s 2013 Picks


Dead Space 3

Being a Dead Space fan ever since I played the first Dead Space game, I just cannot wait to hop back into Isaac Clarke’s shoes and go on a Necromorph killing spree with not only myself but with a friend with Dead Space 3’s new Co-op campaign feature.  The story looks interesting, graphics and scenery still give you a Dead Space feel and really hoping that this new Co-op feature really works and still makes it a Dead Space game!


SplinterCell Black List

Even though Conviction was the first SplinterCell game I have played, after playing that awesome title and watching the new trailer which was showed at E3 2012 it really drew me in too play it with the whole new level of gadgets and stealth execution abilities.   I am now looking forward to seeing what will happen to Sam Fisher on SplinterCell Black List and what the game has to offer for us and will most likely pick up this title on launch.


Alien: Colonial Marines

Not only am I a big fan from the Alien movie franchise, I have always really enjoyed playing their games for a good scare but even just to look around the scary Alien environments while slowly walking around a corner waiting for something to jump out. That’s why I was really disappointed this title was delayed to release in 2013, but hopefully it should be worth it!

Larry’s 2013 Picks


Devil’s Third

Former Team Ninja leads first solo studio. Tomonobu Itagaki know how to make fun games and I can’t wait to see what they cook up.


Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

I love this series and after waiting so long to get a proper consoles sequel to the SNES masterpiece, I can’t wait any longer.


Army of 2

EA like Activision generally put out great games. Army of 2 is a series with a lot of potential and it seems that EA just might realize it this time around.


The Walking Dead

A first person walking dead game with the money of a studio like Activison’s behind it? Yes please.



David Cage did a really good job of creating an interactive story with Heavy Rain. Beyond seems to take it to the next level and I’m game to find out how.

And Finally......................


There's one game that the entire team almost unanimously agreed was on their lists for 2013, and that GTAV.  Here's what the team have to say!

Ian - Historically Rockstar can do no wrong. On track to release one new game every year, Max Payne was one of the best looking games of 2012 and GTA V is no exception. As Liberty City celebrates its 10th anniversary, I am looking at a return to form for what Rockstar does best with all the radio parodies, open worlds and enough new innovations in gameplay to usher in a new generation of console and farewell the old.

Paul - If there is one thing Rockstar do well, its open world games such as GTA.  This time, the game has changed and I am particularly excited to firstly experience the magic of the regular GTA once again, but this time, experiencing it from three characters perspectives will be something entirely new.  Also, the shear scope of the GTA city environment will be something worth its wait in gold.  There is always so much freedom to do as you want to in a GTA title that makes them so addictive and so much fun.  I am confident Rockstar will produce a fantastic game and I cannot wait to get my hands on their next title.

Damon - From Grand Theft Auto 2 on the PlayStation - Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360 I have played Rockstars great titles and cannot wait for how this whole new 3 different playable character mode and the fact of how everyone in the streets will be more not only interacting with others but performing everyday tasks, mowing, washing cars etc. Just looks like an awesome game all together and can’t wait until launch.

Well gamer's, there you have it, the teams picks for 2013 and what were all excited for right now.  There certainly is a wealth of titles here to be excited about and there is still so much that's yet to even be announced.  2013 is going to be a great year! Be sure to tune in to Daily Joystick Podcasts for our fantastic podcast and more.  Till 2013!