Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 156 - Sony sells 5.3 million PS4’s and Microsoft wont rush Gears of X1


This week on the DJ Podcast we discuss all the latest news including Sony PlayStations 5.3 million units of sales and supply issues in the UK.   Microsoft talks Gears of War and is not in any particular hurry, plus Ken Levine brings Irrational Games to a close with major lay off’s and a very big shift in direction.  Microsoft tests the water with cheaper games on demand prices and invites some lucky Xbox One users to preview the upcoming dash board update for the Xbox One.  In game reviews we take a look at Halo Spartan Assault, and we also give our very solid impressions of Titanfall also.  This week were also joined by our guest Victor Zanta.  This plus more on the DJ Podcast.