Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 219 - E3 Expectations 2016



Welcome to this weeks episode of the Daily Joystick Podcast.  Our show today is dedicated to our hopes, aspirations, expectations and fears for this years E3 2016 show.  Will new hardware from Sony and Microsoft be shown, or will the NX make a surprise appearance?  What games will be announced and will they satisfy the rumor mill or squash it completely?  So many possibilities, so many games, this is E3 and its going to be huge. Tune in and hear what the DJ team has to say on E3 2016 before it kicks off tomorrow.

Don't go far either, as we have you covered this week with our upcoming podcasts.  We will have a dedicated Microsoft E3 2016 special podcast, a dedicated Sony E3 2016 special podcast as well as a look back at the remaining E3 shows from Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft and Nintendo's Treehouse event.

DJ Podcasts has you covered, after all this is our bread and butter.