Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 71 (AAG Ep 1)


Welcome to the All Age Gaming Podcast Episode 1: The Return.  The team is back to bring you the latest news in the video game world.  Hot off the press, Borderlands 2 to get the season pass treatment and also a demake of the classic Borderlands title in 16 bit fashion.   We discuss Epic games latest announcement regarding Gears of War Judgment and the crew also look at Microsoft’s latest initiative regarding free games to play for Gold Members and finally we touch on the new Dead Island Riptide screenshots that have also been released and give our opinions.  Next, in this week’s roundtable talk, review scores are put on the table in a great discussion as to their relevance in video game reviews.   Also up on the site Tyler reviews Dust: An Elysian Tail on XBLA and Sleeping Dogs, plus Victor takes a look at Counter Strike Go for the Xbox 360. Finally in true podcast fashion we take your reader mail questions.  So what are you waiting for, tune in and give this podcast the thumbs up and 10/10 rubber chickens or any other unit of measure that you desire.