Darkstalkers Resurrection Review


By Larry Ragland


With the release of Darkstalkers Resurrection gamers get to relive a blast from the past, a taste of pure nostalgia. DR is a two in one re-release of Darkstalkers 3 and Darkstalkers Revenge that harkens back to a time when character tiers didn’t matter and combos were yours to discover. Seemingly simple to play, true mastery comes from understanding that even weaker characters can win as long as you know their combos and the game has proven not only to be a blast from the past a true reminder of the fun that can be had in fighting games.


Between the two titles there are 18 characters all of which are based off of some fantasy or horror mainstay. You have everything from Sasquatch who is just that to Morrigan who is a vampire and everything in between. In fact the characters are one of the main reasons I like this game, it’s totally over the top and just plain fun to play. As I mentioned earlier, your characters aren’t tiered like they are in Streetfighter so the better you know your character and their combos the better your chances for success. Combinations are a mix of light/medium/hard attacks and once a round starts you don’t regain your health. What you have is what you have and that adds a certain amount of urgency to the matches. There are EX and ES moves that add more power to your attacks but it isn’t as complicated as newer 2D fighters like Blaze Blue or even SFIV. When you first start playing the game will feel a little dated and in many ways it is. But there is an underlying complexity there for anyone that puts in the work to understand its nuances.


Visually speaking the game isn’t a complete HD make over. There are filters such as smooth and crisp and even scan lines that you can add as well as several viewpoints that you can choose including an over the shoulder quarter on the arcade cabinet view that’s pretty cool. It still looks good overall but it’s really the art style that carries the game. All of the characters look and animate in a way that gives the game its own style. One of my favorite things about DR is the actual music. It’s energetic and catchy and once you’re in the heat of battle it really helps to spur you on. There are loads of laughs to be had and the music is equally as fun, not lending itself to a do or die mentality but rather taking a lighthearted approach.


My original excitement over DR was purely based on nostalgia but as I started playing more and more I remembered the very reason I appreciated this series when it first appeared back in the 90’s. It’s pure and simple fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and offers just enough challenge to push you into understanding it’s quirky gameplay mechanics. If you’ve never played the series before you can’t go wrong by purchasing this great two for one combo deal. If you’re like me and it’s been a while since you took a trip into the world of DR you owe it too yourself to take a trip down memory lane. DR is a fighting game that can stand it’s own against newer more complex fighters by offering a different take on the 2D fighting formula that’s all but been forgotten. It may not be as flashy as other games but there is fun to be had by all who take the plunge.