Dead Space 3 Preview


By Damon Le Sueur


EA Games are back with Dead Space 3 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Even though this game isn't out on shelves until February 7th, 2013, Daily Joystick Podcasts was able to get an early hands on with the demo, and were here to tell you all about it.


The Dead Space 3 demo showcased around four features that you will come to experience within the demo.  The first is of course the classic single-player Dead Space experience with different thrills and scenery from the Dead Space franchise we have come to love and of course you’ll be playing as Isaac Clarke.  Also, for the first time you are able to play Dead Space 3 in co-op with a friend and experience the drop-in / drop-out style of gameplay.  The next new feature is the addition of Kinect voice commands which allow you to for example give your co-op partner perhaps some health or ammo.  Other great uses include finding objectives, reviving one another and more.  Finally the last feature that’s new to the Dead Space Franchise is weapon crafting.  You’ll have access to the weapon crafting room where you are given a small taste and tease of the different weapons you can modify or even create in the full retail release.  You’ll be finding and picking up spare gun parts in your campaign experience and giving it your own little touch ups and modifications!


The Dead Space 3 demo begins with main protagonist that you play as, Isaac Clarke, whom has woken up after his ship has crashed and you find yourself stranded on the snowy hostile plains of Trau Volantis. With the rest of Isaac’s crew scattered across the planet or even possibly dead, your only option is too push forward for a search and rescue and of course make use of some cover all while striving to find a way to survive the very intense snow storm.

What’s new to Dead Space 3 are the interactive cut scenes which really add to the games intensity.  For example, as you start making your way through the storm you come across a crane which takes you into an interactive cut scene where you must move and push the A,Y,X and B buttons to successfully make it across the other side without dying.

The enemies in Dead Space 3 have may have changed in appearance, however don’t be fooled, you are still fighting the endless plague of the Necromorph's.  Just like before the enemies are up to their old nasty habits and will play dead and of course will jump out of nowhere scaring the pants off of you! You’ll also discover that you’re fighting another enemy which you uncover by listening in on conversations, known as the Miners who are on a mission to stop Clarke and his fellow teammates anyway possible.


Just like Dead Space 1 and 2 you still have your stasis abilities to slow enemies for a short period of time and Telekinesis which enables you to for example pick up heavy objects and catapult them towards your enemies, or interacting perhaps with scenery by say turning valves and levers.  Also like previous games in the franchise, it is possible to unlock different suits and upgrade them to give them a newer and better looking appearance.

The demo gives you a taste of exploration, weapon crafting, making use of your abilities and more.  You’ll soon regroup with Carver and another crew mate called Norton.  It’s here that you once again find yourself in big trouble when a giant Necromorph boss comes up to the mountain and squishes you with its tentacle.  It’s here that the demo ends, and I was left salivating and wanting more!

Visuals and Sound

Just like every other Dead Space game the graphics and sound in Dead Space 3 were not a letdown at all. Dead Space 3 has improved visually in terms of the characters and environments, and the sound is just as intense as ever.  Sound and visuals are really the back and bone to this genre of game, from the quiet and slow scary music to the quick loud intense music, the sounds in Dead Space 3 plays a part in making you paranoid and scared especially when there is an enemy nearby. This to me is what draws you more into the game and gives a better outcome of the gameplay and just like the rest of the Dead Space Demo I was not left disappointed.


Dead Space 3 the demo was a great experience that I strongly recommend downloading when it becomes available shortly to the public.  I was most certainly very impressed by Dead Space 3 and how far the series has come, and fans of the series will surely not be disappointed.  There is going to be plenty of value here as well thanks to the new Co-op addition.  Personally, I can't wait for this game and I’m certain that you will have the same reaction as I did.  Dead Space 3 is certainly going to be a big hit this year and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.  A must play for any serious gamer and or fan of the survival horror genre.