DMC: Devil May Cry Review


By Charlotte Merigan Grace


Devil May cry is back and this time the series is taken to a whole new level. Dante is back and so too is a horde of hacking and slashing.  So get ready, as your adventure is about to begin.


Devil May Cry has you slashing your way through the whole story and they don’t waste a minute getting you right into the action. You play as the all new loved Dante, although you have a new look and a new personality. Dante has lost his while hair and has become a Cocky headed one liner kind party boy.  You wake up to the news playing on the TV in your trailer about a terrorist telling the world that they have been living in a lie for too long. As you get out of bed a woman starts knocking on your door telling you’re in danger and that you left a trail because you were carless. The Demon Hunter is after you and your pulled straight into Limbo and you must fight your way out NAKED.


You dive straight into the action being pulled between your world and Limbo, Mundus controlling the human world using his hell gate to slowly poison and pull the demon world into reality. The woman you meet at the start is named Kat who is a physic that can communicate with you while you are in Limbo without her actually being there. Kat helps Dante get himself out of Limbo, although he doesn’t want any help.  Kat takes you to meet the “Terrorist” Which ends up being your twin brother Vergil.

Dante discovers that he and Vergil are Nephlim, Sons of demon father named Sparda and Angel mother named Eva. Nephlim is the only being that can destroy a demon called Mundus who is the Demon king. Mundus controls everything from the media you watch to the food and drink you consume, slowly pulling his demon world into your reality. Your goal is to restore order into mankind and banish Mundus and his demon world. Hacking and slashing your way through Limbo and endless waves of Demons.


The way you fight in Devil May Cry rests on your shoulders, but the more combo’s you do and swap from weapon to weapon rack up your combo points and score, ranging from Dirty to SSSadistic. Making in fun and challenging to see what kind of score you have at the end of each mission. You are then able to post your rank on the leader boards to see how well you have done with your friends. Dante has many weapons and styles to choose from. Whether you like to use a big axe hell hammer to smash through demons or an angels scythe to slice through them. You can even use your hell grapple to pull them to you or your angel grapple to swing right up into their face, or you can just plain shoot them from the sky. You have orange weapons for the hell side and Blue weapons for the angel’s side.

With funky rock music and dubstep to get you through the levels which love to introduce many new demons and new level types Devil May Cry keeps it fresh. One moment you’re plunging your way through the sewers to the grub boss who loves to scream “FUCK YOU” right in your face to being in a pub with dubstep rocking the coloured walls and floors to capture something close to Mundus. The level Boss’s all have a new level style to them which may seem very confusing for a Devil May Cry but it keeps the entertainment going. The best bit is the ultimate ability where you transform into a negative landscape as your old self with white hair dealing all the extra damage you need while healing.


Although the story line is short as I finished it in a day, you unlock three more difficulty modes. You can also go back and replay missions keeping all your weapons, abilities and upgrades so that you can access parts that you were unable to before or achieve a better rank among your friends. You also unlock a new skin (White hair red coat) to play as upon completion of Devil May Cry.

Graphic and Visuals

Devil May Cry keeps the colours flowing and the experience entertaining.  Each few levels have their own unique design with plenty of detail put into them. Your weapons whether they are hell or Angel have a vast variety of combos you can do. The graphics are smooth to keep up with the fast passed Demon killing. There is a lot of detail put into Devil May Cry, especially with the difference in the worlds, Limbo and reality.



While playing Devil May Cry you are smacked with constant heavy rock music in your ear and the occasional dubstep, which seems to fit in well with the gameplay and keeps the beat going as you slay those Demons. The sound effect of you slaying the demons keeps it interesting even the cocky one liners Dante makes you smile. Even your weapons have their own unique sounds.


Devil May Cry keeps you button mashing those combos, enjoying every bit of the gameplay and loving the story line. Devil May Cry is a bit hard to get used to when you start playing because it makes you frown at the cocky party boy Dante that you play as. Some people may also not enjoy Devil May Cry because it’s very different from the previous version but we must remember this version is Ninja Theory starting from the beginning with a new look.