Forza Horizon Rally Pack DLC Review


By Paul Barbara


Forza Horizon was personally in my opinion the best racing title of 2012 and took everything you knew about the series and created a whole new open world experience set in the beautiful Colorado Desert.  Now, the next expansion called the “Rally Pack” is here and it mixes it up once again, and for the better I might add.

The Rally Pack DLC add on essentially will set you back around 1,600 Microsoft Points and features five new cars to obtain as well as seven rally championships to complete, each comprising of four events, making it 28 new races all up.  When you begin, the Rally add on gets its own separate menu item on the main screen, so these events won’t get clouded amongst the regular events on the map.  It’s kept separate and I prefer this approach as it allows you to clearly identify the DLC events from the regular events.


When you begin, you’ll notice that this is not a free roam open world set up.  Instead, you’ll be presented with a series of events to compete in and the more you win, the more events will be unlocked for you to participate in.

The change to off road Rally style racing is certainly quite different to what I was expecting.  However, if there is one thing that Forza has always done perfectly, its that it nails the driving experience instantly.  I’ve played many off road Rally style games and although this is just a DLC add on, it felt absolutely fantastic and extremely real as well.  Again, there is no mistaking the physics and handling when you play a Forza title.  I was very impressed with the way the cars performed on the dirt surfaces and also the bitumen surfaces as well.  This is what Rallying should be!


As you race through the various rally’s you’ll find it hard not to stop and admire the gorgeous environments from the mountain tops, to the sunset, cliffs and waterfalls, it’s all so picturesque.  Small details such as rocks flying off the tyre’s to dust clouds from your opponents, it’s all here and really feels like a real Rally experience.  Playground games have really done a fine job at capturing what makes a rally game feel so realistic.  Whether it’s the environments, to the way the cars handle when driving from dirt roads to sealed tarmac, the car behaves and responds accordingly.  Its great to see these sort of small details acknowledged even in something like DLC.


The DLC certainly does offer a solid amount of gameplay for the 1,600 MS points price tag.  With an online mode as well, you’ll have plenty of racing ahead of you.  The only disappointing feature was the small addition of cars, just 5 to be exact.  I would have at least liked to have seen 10 cars perhaps to justify that solid price point.

Overall, the Forza Horizon Rally DLC is a fantastic add on and one that manages to capture the essence of off road racing so perfectly and flawlessly.  I’ve never enjoyed Rally racing as much as I have thanks to this DLC add on.  It’s certainly a must for Forza fans and an essential buy for anyone who loves to Rally.

8 / 10