God Of War Ascension Review


By Charlotte Merigan Grace



God of War Ascension is a prequel to where Kratos has broken his blood oath that had him bound to Ares. To spend eternity chained in a prison and to suffer torture and slowly become insane.  Kratos breaks free from the torment from the furies who have imprisoned him.


Kratos slashes his way through trying to piece together his life. Throughout the story you jump back and forth between the past and the present trying to piece together your life puzzle. Kratos wants to figure out the truth and venture forward to find out what has happened to his wife and daughter. In God of War Ascension, Kratos is more his human self trying to figure out his past rather than focused on rage.

God of War has you fighting anything from a little bug to giant mutated creatures that barley fits onto your TV screen. The entire story line is filled with a few mini games to take out your enemies and quick time events to take them down in the most efficient way that has you struggling to tell the difference between gameplay and a cinematic. The story is also filled with puzzles to unlock secret areas or to venture further into the story; these become difficult and frustrating at the best of times.


Kratos has his Blades of Chaos that has chains tied to the blades and around your wrists which you get when you escape your imprisonment. As you venture forward you unlock abilities to make your blades stronger and more dangerous. You first unlock the Fire of Ares, exploding and setting your enemies on fire. Then there is Ice of Poseidon which allows you to freeze and shatter your enemies at will. Also the Lightening of Zeus allows you to shock and electrocute your enemies. Last is the Soul of Hades which gives you the ability to call upon the dead to aid you in your fight.  Also, each weapon specialization has a reward for example, the Soul of Hades rewards you with green health orbs or Lightening of Zeus rewards you with magic orbs.


They are only four of the specializations and later you are able to unlock more abilities. You are also able to upgrade each of your blade abilities unlocking more combos and magic abilities to help you in your fight as well as finding side weapons that can be thrown at enemies to knock them back. You are able to find a club, Javelin or shield allowing you to rein down spikes from the sky or smash your enemies away from you.


God of War Ascension if the first in its series to bring in multiplayer, and they have outshone themselves in this aspect. Allowing you to choose your god rewarding you with their element which each in turn has their own effects. Throughout the map you are able to set traps, find buffs and mini weapons to help you kill the enemy team. Fighting each other becomes a big massacre of blood and gore. Jump through portals to escape or await your enemy till they come through the portal.  You are also able to customise your character like his skin tone or armor to adjust your God to how it suits you.


Graphic and Visuals:

The Graphics for God of War are amazing and gruesome. There has been a lot of time and effort put into making God of War look amazing, the way you kill your enemies letting blood and guts pour out even makes your cringe at times. Most of the time it is difficult to tell whether you’re looking at gameplay or cinematics. God of War Ascension has seemed to put more effort into the design and looks rather than the story itself.

Overall God of War Ascension is certainly an amazing game to look at, however one cannot be sold on visuals alone.  However, the games story does let the game down in many ways.   Before Kratos became one to seek revenge and pour the blood from anything that moved.  God of War Ascension however can become boring and the story feels as though it’s dragging on.  It’s a shame really, however if you can get past the poor story, there is enough action, blood and guts to keep you motivated to play.