Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Game Review


Author: Paul Barbara


Medal of Honor: Warfighter is EA’s latest shooter developed by Danger Close Games and puts you into the role of Tier 1 Combat Operator whose job it is to save the world as well as balance your family life in the process.  Medal of Honor Warfighter will take you on a journey through the life of “Preacher” and other various soldiers.  Medal of Honor: Warfighter tries also to communicate the impacts that solders like Preacher are forced to endure, and it does that very well indeed.


The game begins with a great cut scene that shows small pieces of Preachers life that paint a picture of a busy agent so to speak who is trying to keep his marriage together in the process.  You can instantly feel the tension between Preacher and his wife as he struggles to explain what he is doing and why, whilst at the same time trying to save his marriage and protect his family.  It’s a tough balance to keep and one that unravels further during the game. The game then begins with the clock winding back a few weeks to an earlier mission that sees Preacher begin to build on exactly who he is and what his role is.


Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s story is centred around P.E.T.N. which is an explosive substance which you’re trying to track down shipments, its source, and ultimately who is behind the cartel of such a substance.  From here the game is essentially a straight forward shooter that begins to expand on this story further, but not immensely.

The missions in Medal of Honor: Warfighter are varied to some degree.  Apart from the standard sort of sweep this area and kill everything sort of gameplay, there are other takes on this formula.  For instance, in certain levels you need to chase down your enemy in order to extract some critical information.   This is quite challenging as you need to take out surrounding enemies in addition to maintaining a solid pace on your objective.  Also, there is the car chase scenes which have you following your target (or being followed also) through the city streets.  This car chase scene was fantastic and so realistic.  I thoroughly enjoyed this addition which helps break up the continual run and gun style gameplay.  In addition to the car chase scene, there is also the need to drive a water craft boat in order to escape helicopter fire which also worked reasonably well.


Aside from the great story line and ever changing missions, the enemies in some cases left a little to be desired.  Enemies on occasions would charge at you blindly, or even take cover in the same places their buddies died moments before. And sometimes your team mates aren’t much better as they slam into cover right where you are and push you into the line of fire.  Thanks comrades!  There definitely were some AI issues, however something which nevertheless could be patched down the track.

Your comrades also serve another purpose and that’s as Ammo refuelling stations.  As you run low on ammo, simply wander up to a team mate and press x and you’ll be handed some more Ammo.  My only issue with this is you could do it all the time negating the need to actually pick up other loose weapons and scavenging ammo from dead corpses.  There was simply no need to hunt for ammunition as your teammates were essentially your endless supply of ammunition.


If one thing is for certain, the visuals in Medal of Honor: Warfighter were gorgeous.  Clearly the Frostbite 2 engine has helped deliver a truly visually pleasing and accurate setting.  It’s the little things you notice such as how a bullet bends in the wind as you shoot your sniper rifle from afar or the water effects as you cross the creek and move in on your target ahead.  You feel part of the world that you’re fighting in as it is just so real.  Also, the cut scenes were remarkable and I honestly had to look twice as I was almost convinced that I was watching real human actors as opposed to CGI model characters.  Visually, Medal of Honor: Warfighter is impressive on this front.



From the sounds of the choppers flying overhead, to the muffled voices of the enemy behind an unopened door, the sounds of Medal of Honor: Warfighter are simply top notch.  You certainly feel part of the experience as the sounds are so truly recreated.


In terms of the multiplayer component of the game there is certainly a lot of value out of the box.  You can expect many of the usual game modes such as Deathmatch, team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, there all here and nicely contained within their own separate playlists. Also, you have the ability to enable class mods and personalisation perks.  You can change your game style and character attributes to suit whatever you wish.  You can also exchange and request ammo from fellow team mates too while online which is a great addition.


You will also have the ability to upgrade your weapons as well.  But overall there is nothing really that makes the Multiplayer stand out over the wealth of other online shooters out there, so its hard to try and identify what differentiates it from other shooters.  That’s not a bad thing either, it’s a solid online experience and works well but it’s just nothing new in that regard.


In terms of value, Medal of Honor: Warfighter will provide you with many hours of online gameplay, that’s the beauty of an online shooter.  But to me, the single player campaign is where I found the most value out of any of the other shooters of late.  The story is captivating and I like the drop in drop out style of missions that fill the gameplay.  The campaign will run you a solid 10 hours at least and more depending on what difficulty you play on.


Overall Medal of Honor: Warfighter provided a truly engaging experience, great story line (despite its jumping around a little) and solid gameplay with varying missions.  I personally felt that the developers made their point to me, and were successful in portraying the life of a Tier 1 soldier.  I felt his problems, his struggle and overall his victory.  Medal of Honor is a good solid experience that certainly shouldn’t be cast aside.

6.5 / 10


+ Great story

+ Unlimited Ammo from team mates

+ Solid multiplayer


- AI can lack intelligence

- Some may find mission structure off putting