Spelunky Review XBLA


By Charlotte Merigan Grace


Spelunky is a 2D platformer game where you make your way through each level by collecting as much treasure as you can without getting caught in any traps. You start at the top and must venture to the bottom of the cave, collecting as much as you can.


Collect items to help you blast or climb your way around traps and obstacles, or even rescue the lady and carry her to safety.  Sometimes you come across a shop to buy items to help you progress further, however don’t steal or you will find yourself getting chased down by the shop keeper and hilariously annihilated. Each level is randomised so if you die you not only have to start at the very beginning again, each level is different. Think fast to survive and continue further.



When playing with friends it can become frustrating as you find yourself accidently killing each other far too often. If you die in the multiplayer mode the level doesn’t save so you have to start from the beginning and make your way back through the randomly generated levels. Even though each level is different and you must start over when dyeing, it keeps Spelunky different each time and you’re not stuck in a repetitive level



Spelunky is a great game if you’re up for a real tough challenge that has you thinking on your feet. Nobody likes having so much effort put into your progression and having to start again. However Spelunky keeps it fresh and different and pushing you towards venturing as far as you can with many more surprises the further you travel.