Nov 12, 2018

Lets talk about XO18 and Microsoft - The DJ Podcast Episode 310


On this weeks podcast we discuss all the gaming news fresh from XO18 in Mexico City.  Tune in!


Nov 4, 2018

Sony PlayStation Classic fails to impress - DJ Podcast Ep 309


On this weeks podcast we break down the Sony PlayStation Classic games list and discuss what we think of it.  Also on the show, we round up PAX AUS 2018 and talk about what games impressed us the most.  Finally we discuss Nintendo Switch sales as well as what why some of us returned Red Dead Redemption 2!  This plus more on the DJ podcast.


Oct 21, 2018

Black Ops 4 breaks more records - DJ Podcast Ep 308


On this week's episode of the DJ podcast we discuss Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and its recent success. Also the team discuss Games as a service from EA and Activision and is this the future of gaming? Don't forget PAX AUS is on this upcoming weekend so make sure you still to DJ for our coverage live from the event.


Oct 15, 2018

After-pay or After pain? The DJ Podcast Ep 307


On todays podcast we discuss After Pay which is a payment service that has now teamed up with EB Games and what you should be concerned about.  Also making news, we discuss Project XCloud by Microsoft and our thoughts on game streaming. Can it work?  This plus more on the DJ Podcast.


Oct 7, 2018

Nintendo Switch 2.0, coming in 2019? The DJ Podcast Ep 306


On this weeks episode of the DJ Podcast we discuss the latest rumours (and very credible ones) surrounding a potential new Nintendo Switch in 2019!  Also on this weeks show we talk about what we've been gaming, whats coming out and anything else gaming related.  So tune in, its gaming beamed to your brain.


Oct 1, 2018

Sony back flips on cross play! The DJ Podcast Ep 305


On this episode of the DJ Podcast we discuss the latest gaming news including Sony's back flip on cross play and Fortnite.  Also we discuss the recent closure of Telltale games and XO18 is back!  We also discuss our latest reviews of Forza Horizon 4 and Spider-Man, so tune in.


Sep 17, 2018

We’re back to talk all things gaming - The Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 304


On this weeks podcast we're here to talk about all things gaming as well as the future of DJ Podcasts.  Also, we touch on the games were playing and talk about Nintendo's latest direct event. Tune in.


Aug 9, 2018

Xbox Scarlett and game streaming discussed - DJ Podcast Episode 303


On this weeks show we discuss the latest rumours for Microsoft's two new Xbox consoles, more so we focus on the idea of a streaming console.  Could it work?  We go into all the positives and negatives and give our thoughts on the potential idea.  This plus all the regular website news and more on the DJ podcast. 


Jul 4, 2018

Sony’s Cross play fiasco - The Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 302


On this week's episode of the Daily Joystick show we discuss the latest gaming news including Sony and its refusal to join the cross play world for its community.  We also discuss We Happy Few's ban in Australia and our thoughts on a possible classification.  This plus all the other cool stuff you love about video games, right here on the DJ show.


Jun 19, 2018

E3 2018 Round Up: Which conference was the best? Episode 301


On this week's episode of the DJ podcast we look back at the previous week at E3 and tell you what stood out the most as well as what didn't.  Plus we talk about the games that excited us and those that did not. Its all things E3, so tune in and find out for yourself.


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